Mobile Accessory for your iPad or iphone Device

Of course the first brand that comes to mind for tablets is Apple iPad.
Apple iPad has been favored by many since the day and still continues to be one of the best on the market. Would not be surprising if there were so many special accessories for them? we collected best accessories products for ipad users. Let’s take a look at special accessories such as charger cable, OTG and charger.

1- Charger

You can get Linktech iPad chargers high quality at affordable prices which Apple-licensed and you can use instead of the original chargers.

2-iDiskk Series OTG

Another Apple-licensed product is the OTG series iDiskk, which can be used not only on your iPad but also on your iPhone. These products offered to you with 16-32-64 GB options will make your business very easy.

3- Data and Charging Cable

Good quality and safe data cable for your phone! With zinc-plated cable and robust design, the K541 data and charge cable has been developed for your iPad and iPhone.

You can buy our products through our website. Linktech produces product high quality for you!