What are we selling?

We are working in mobile accessories,Such as tablets, powerbank, bluetooth headsets, in-car accessories for mobile devices, sd cards, flash memory, data and charging cords, chargers, unbreakable screen savers, batteries and speakers.


Linktech aims to respond to the expectations of our customers with always quest to work and develop mutual trust with quality E-Commerce service that adds value to the technology sector.


Linktech is give to customers services before and after sales,LinkTech become one of the industry’s leading companies with the success of bringing quality and reasonable price. As a result of its success in the sector So our customers like to continuos work with us.

About us

Linktech started activities in the field of mobile accessories in 2008 and it was first in the sector.
linktech in a short time has become one of Turkey’s most important brands in mobile accessories , Not only in Turkey but in the Middle East and North Africa.Linktech in a short time enhance the brand value,linktech give to customers innovative,aesthetic and high quality products.



two years of genuine guarante
for all Linktech brand products.

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Through our Social Media accounts, you get access to the latest information about our products.

Fast Shipping

Orders are given to cargo Until 16.00 on the same day

Easy Return

It is very easy to return the product which bought if is defective or defective.


Mobile Accessories Required for Android Phone

What mobile accessories should use Android Phone user?android operating system is most preferred mobile operating system in the world. There are many smartphones on the market with Android infrastructure, and most people prefer smartphones with Android operating systems.Read More

Mobile Accessory for your iPad or iphone Device

Of course the first brand that comes to mind for tablets is Apple iPad.
Apple iPad has been favored by many since the day and still continues to be one of the best on the market. Would not be surprising if there were so many special accessories for them?Read More

Mobile Accessories That We Need At Any Time Of The Day!

We are now using smartphones more and more and our smartphones are demanding more from us. Storage space, a good headset, charger, mobile accessories like PowerBank have become a necessiory. So not just smartphones, their accessories are now our daily lifeRead More


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